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What makes YOU perfect or normal?

Guess it might have been realized by some people that I use a wheelchair (called Kermit). Does that make me „unperfect“?

I often realize that people think I love being in a chair (well most of the time) because it is on most of my pictures.
Well it sure is….I use it.
I don’t see a need of hiding it cuz it belongs to me. Does that make me different? Am I different because I’m rolling instead of walking?
(Oh.. btw… I’m always walking to the store or downtown. I never use the term rolling when it comes to that point.)
Often people are associated with those hospital chairs. Guess you all know them….those big bulgy chairs that are commonly used in hospitals.
Why is that? Why can’t u just show someone using an active wheelchair some time?
Because it doesn’t fit the picture of a „poor disabled person“?
Serious…I would feel super disabled in a standard big grey wheelchair. But using one that fits you, changes a lot.
I would describe me as a normal 26 (gosh I’m getting old^^) young woman. Basically everything normal. Yeah I have a disability which bothers me quite often and yes I use a wheelchair….but I’m still a normal person.
Perfectly unperfect 😉 (Nobody is perfect…but me 😀 ‚kidding*)
Is a blond more perfect than someone with brown hair?
Or a 1,7 meter woman more perfect than one that is only 1,6 meters?
Guess you answer that question with „no“
So why is someone in a wheelchair „unperfect“ or even „poor“
Just different…like every person worldwide is unique which is great.
Imagine going out and everybody is just exactly like yoú. Gosh….I’d find that super boring.


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